Event Photography

Event Photography

A picture says a thousand words

Our event photography services is the perfect way to capture that special occasion. A special event is always something to be treasured, talked about and looked back upon. As our memories fade having a scrapbook or album to reminisce over is a way of keeping that memory clear and enjoying it as if it were only yesterday.

In today’s array of social media so many moments are shared so ensuring you capture them perfectly is very important.

Gone are the days when we capture our annual beach holidays on a roll of film, these days its your kitchen revamp, new office opening party, Daughters 16th, tree house renovation – the list goes on.

Corporate events, showrooms, parties or a more humble unveiling are all important events and whilst you will be busy making sure everything is running smoothly ensuring you can look back on the moments you missed, or framing the moment you cut the ribbon are as important as the event itself.


Don’t leave it chance or memory, if it’s an event that special to you capture it, keep it and admire it forever.

Types of events we photograph

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