About Me

My interest in photography began in my late teens, a few decades later it has become my passion!


As a child our family was always blessed with pets, dogs mainly, this sparked my love of animals which reflects in my work. As a pet owner myself many of my personal pieces are of my own pets although landscapes and the great outdoors with its ever-growing canvas excites me so combining the two is where I began.




Beyond the character, I seek to  capture the emotion, the energy, the sheer essence of all that is felt in that one moment and immortalise it forever.   This maybe a favourite place, treasured pet or your latest event, if the moment is special it deserves to be captured. Seeing the memory relived in my Client when they view the final piece is the biggest reward and a feeling that nothing can replace, it is a privilege and one that I never tire of.


My shoots are informal, easy going and fun. No studios, no stages, just natural behaviour.